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SolverBlaze Finite Element Library (SDK)


SolverBlaze Finite Element Library (SDK) is a leading structural and finite element analysis Application Programming Interface (API). It is based on the time-tested finite element solver engine in Real3D, which is being used by hundreds of civil and structural engineering offices in the United States and around the world. You can use this powerful and easy-to-use API to develop your custom software royalty-free. SolverBlaze is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit, with easy-to-use C++ and .NET interfaces (binary and source code).

SolverBlaze is used in Simpson Strong-Tie Anchor Designer(TM) Software.

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What our clients are saying:

Our firm produces designs of bridges, tunnels and other structures. We do use specialized software particularly developed abroad. Your software SolverBlaze proved to be quite convenient for this purpose. Using your software so far, we see it is quite adequate and professionally made. Your libraries contain all functions we need for the purpose mentioned above. We tested them using your software Real3D as well as other software that can perform static calculations. The results were quite good that is why now we use your SDK for our new development.
- Mr. B. Kogan, Chief Specialist

Thank you for providing an excellent product.
- Mr. T. Crabtree, North Carolina DIT


Key Features

  • Support beam, truss, plate and shell (thin and thick, compatible and incompatible formulations) and brick elements.
  • Support nodal, point, line, surface and area loads.
  • Support thermal loads.
  • Support linear and nonlinear nodal, line and surface springs
  • Support coupled springs (advanced)
  • Support tension only/compression only members.
  • Support moment releases, rigid elements and rigid diaphragms.
  • Support element stiffness modifications
  • Support forced displacements.
  • Supports multi-DOF constraints such as inclined support.
  • Support both English and Metric units.
  • Support static linear and P-Delta analysis.
  • Support frequency analysis (eigenvalue and eigenvector analysis).
  • Support response spectrum analysis.
  • Support both skyline and extremely fast sparse solver based on Intel Math Kernal Library (able to solve models with millions degrees of freedom).
  • Support unique quad-precision solver to handle numerically challenging problems such as rigid diaphragms.
  • Support inactive elements.
  • Automatically generate input and result report in html format.
  • Bidirectional communications between SolverBlaze and Real3D. You can use Real3D to open and graphically view model files generated by SolverBlaze. You can use Real3D to automatically generate SolverBlaze source code that corresponds to the current Real3D model.
  • Support both native C++ language, managed .NET and .NET Core languages (C# and VB.NET).
  • Support both 32-bit and 64-bit CPU architecture on Windows.
  • Support Unicode and Non-Unicode in Microsoft Visual Studio 2015, 2017, 2019, 2022.
  • Available in both binary and source code.
  • A free copy of Professional Real3D program (source code customers only).
  • Numerous source code samples in C++ and C# are freely available.
  • Technical support by SolverBlaze author.
  • Reasonably priced and royalty-free.

System Requirements


Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 10, 11