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OpenGraph Library (SDK)


OpenGraph Library (SDK) is a powerful 2D and 3D visualization and charting software tool on x64 and x86 Windows. It is built on the industrial strength OpenGL. The library shields you from the need to learn the complex OpenGL API, and makes it easy to setup impressive and interactive graphics such as zooming, panning, selecting, etc. This library is especially suitable for building scientific, engineering, and financial software applications.

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Demo Video


OpenGraph Library (SDK)OpenGraph.wmv (10 MB)


What our clients are saying:

I am working on visualization of large graphs and dynamics graph. Visualization of dynamics graphs is big challenge now. Visualization of large and dynamics graph is very useful approach to understand information which is hidden in Big data. OpenGraph Library is very useful for it. It can speed up my research.

- Prof. V. Snasel


Key Features

  • Capability to draw different objects such as points, lines, triangles and quads.
  • Capability to draw texts including Unicode texts.
  • Automatic support for zooming, panning, rotating 3D models using mouse events.
  • Support graphic selections on drawing objects.
  • Support both 3D objects as well as 2D screen objects.
  • Support transparency.
  • Supports native C++ language.
  • Support .NET 4.x, 4.5x, 4.6x, 4.7x, and 4.8x using as C# and VB.NET.
  • Supports Unicode and Non-Unicode.
  • Supports x64 and x86 platform architectures.
  • Supports Visual Studio 2015 and up including Visual Studio 2022.
  • Ability to save rendered image to file.
  • Available in both binary library and source code form.
  • Very easy to learn. The library comes with a variety of examples that illustrate the uses of the library including Win32 Windows, MFC Dialog, MFC Document-View, WinForms and WPF Form.
  • Reasonably priced and royalty-free on binary redistribution.

System Requirements


Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11